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New Inventory

Type of Trailer Year Length in Feet Model Price Sold
Fifth Wheel201431 'Heartland Elkridge Express Extreme Light E289$33,900Not Sold
Fifth Wheel201433' Heartland Elkridge Extreme Light E295 2 Bedroom$32,900Not Sold
Park Model 201439 'Hy Line 39 CR 2PO Den$37,500Not Sold
Park Model 201440 'Hy Line 40 3 Bedroom$38,900Not Sold
Park Model 201442 x 12Breckenridge Fine Life Cottage 1246 DB2 Den$49,990Sold
Park Model201412 x 42 Breckenridge Fine Life Cottage 1246 FKMS 2 Bed Room$51,900Sold
Park Model 201439'Bridgeview 40CK2BH$38,900Not Sold
Park Model 201432'Bridgeview 33 CKWT$33,200Sold
Park Model201438'Hy Line 39 CR2PA 2 BR$36,900Not Sold
Park Model201438'Hy Line 38 FE1PA Front Kitchen$33,900Not Sold
Travel Trailer201532'Prowler 28P BHS$23,400Not Sold
Travel Trailer201533'Prowler Lynx 30LX Bunks$21,900Not Sold
Travel Trailer201522'Prowler Lynx 18 LX$17,400Not Sold
Travel Trailer201528'Prowler Lynx 26 LX$21,300Not Sold
Travel Trailer201528'Prowler 25PRKS$22,500Not Sold
Travel Trailer201332'North Trail 28BRS$24,200Sold
Travel Trailer201429'North Trail 22 FBS Caliber Edition$25,500Not Sold
Travel Trailer201526'North Trail 21 FBS Caliber Edition$23,900Not Sold
Travel Trailer201435'North Trail 32 BUDS King Slide$29,900Not Sold
Travel Trailer201432'North Trail 28 BRS Lightweight$23,900Not Sold
Travel Trailer201526 'Prowler 20P RBS$20,900Not Sold
Ultra Lite Travel Trailer201426'North Trail Focus Edition FX 23$21,300Not Sold