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New Inventory

Type of Trailer Year Length in Feet Model Price Sold
Park Model201538'Hy Line 39 CR2PO Den$42,900. $143 Bi - WeeklySold
Travel Trailer201528'Prowler Lynx 26 LX$22,900. $91. BI-WeeklyNot Sold
Park Model 12 Wide-4 Season201542'Athens Park 12 Wide Model LW002$58,900Sold
Travel Trailer2015North Trail 21 FBS Caliber Edition$24,500. $82 BI-WeeklyNot Sold
Park Model201538'Hy Line 395 LE 2 Bedroom$37,400. $125. BI-WeeklyNot Sold
Fifth Wheel201531'Elkridge Extreme Lite E289$33,600. $113 . BI-WeeklySold
Travel Trailer201534'North Trail 29 RETS King Slide Caliber Edition$31,900. $107. BI-WeeklyNot Sold
Travel Trailer201628'North Trail 24 BHS$26,900. $90. BI-WeeklyNot Sold
Travel Trailer201626'Prowler 20P RBS$23,900. $95. BI-WeeklyNot Sold
Travel Trailer201632'Prowler 28P BHS$25,900. $87. BI-WeeklySold
Ultra Lite Travel Trailer201628'North Trail 22 FBS Caliber Edition$28,100. $94. Bi-WeeklyNot Sold
Ultra Lite Travel Trailer201631'North Trail 28 BRS$27,400. $92. BI-WeeklyNot Sold
Travel Trailer201628'Prowler 25P RKS$23,900 $95. BI-WeeklyNot Sold
Travel Trailer201634'Prowler 29P RKS$28,900. $97. Bi-WeeklySold
Fifth Wheel201634'Elkridge 29RKSA$43,900. $147 . Bi-WeeklySold
Park Model201638'Prowler 37 FQBS$29,900Not Sold
Travel Trailer201628'Prowler 28P BHS$25,900 $87 BI-WeeklyNot Sold
Travel Trailer201626'North Trail 26 LRSS Caliber Edition$29,900Not Sold
Park Model 201540 'Hy Line 40 3 Bedroom$41,900. $140 Bi-WeeklyNot Sold
Travel Trailer201522'Prowler Lynx 18 LX$16,900. $67 BI-WeeklyNot Sold